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While it seems that nearly every other restaurant in the state is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Seasons at the Tradition is one of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Connecticut. No matter if you’re looking for an alternative to cooking your own holiday meal or if you’re planning a party, Seasons at the Tradition provides the ideal location. Overlooking The Tradition Golf Club, the facilities will reveal the pristine grass and leaves changing from green to brown and orange. Our indoor space and menus will only enhance your experience.

Seasons is open all year for various types of events, and Thanksgiving Day is no different. No matter if you want to hold a seminar during the day or schedule a Thanksgiving-themed corporate event for your work family in the evening, all types are possible in our facilities. Working with us is no different. Choose where you would like to hold it and decide on a menu for your guests.

Our space is accommodating to all events, including those on Thanksgiving Day. Our facilities can support up to 230 people inside, although if you need a larger space, our North and South Rooms can merge into one. With recent renovations to our banquet facilities and golf club, our space is accommodating to your needs. Inside, in addition to eating, you can enjoy the view of The Tradition Golf Club in autumn.

Our menus offer a variety of options and, if you need any specific meals, we’ll accommodate your needs. It is Thanksgiving after all, and the holiday is all about the food. Check out the various menus on our website to find which dishes and arrangements would benefit you and your guests best. We have buffet, plate, cocktail, and hors d’oeuvres options. Choose any of these to feed you and your guests on Thanksgiving Day.

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