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CT Weddings

Have you been planning a wedding for the past few months but aren’t sure where to set the ceremony and reception? Spring and summer weddings are two common themes, and, in addition to being outdoors, such a wedding should be in a gorgeous, picturesque location. Seasons at the Tradition is the ideal venue for your celebration. We have all the facilities in one location for CT weddings. From grounds for an outdoor ceremony to banquet halls for the reception, everything you need for your wedding is at Seasons.

Choose from multiple locations for your wedding ceremony. Seasons realizes that the spring and summer are popular times for CT weddings, and we have two outdoor locations. Overlooking The Tradition Golf Club, Seasons has an outdoor terrace and a gazebo for medium-sized ceremonies. Choose from either of these places near the pristine green fields of our recently renovated golf course.

Schedule the full day at Seasons. Once the wedding ceremony is over, all guests can be moved indoors to our restaurant. Our banquet facilities can accommodate small and medium amounts of guests. Designed for 230 people, our banquet halls were recently renovated to include features specifically for weddings. Hold it in one room, or our North and South Rooms can be joined together for one large space. Additionally, the rehearsal dinner can be held in the same space before the wedding day.

Aside from the space, all CT weddings need food. Have our restaurant prepare a full menu for your guests. Browse our menus on our website to find which combination fits your needs. Our cocktail party, hors d’oeuvres, and various buffet menus give variety to your guests. If you’re planning a specific menu, we can also work with your needs. Contact us today about planning a menu, particularly as our chefs can prepared nearly any type of cuisine.

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