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CT Banquet

Planning an event? Be it a company party, a motivational seminar, bar or bat mitzvah, or bridal shower, the event needs a notable the location. For a motivational seminar, for example, why hold one in a drab, austere auditorium that probably won’t inspire employees when you can have one at a completely unique and out-of-the-ordinary location? Seasons at the Tradition, located in Wallingford, is accommodating to all events. With banquet halls inside and a view of grounds of The Tradition Golf Club, Seasons at the Tradition is the ideal location to hold your next event.

For CT banquet sites, Seasons is accommodating to your needs. We have multiple rooms that can be used for your next event and, if you need more space, our North and South Rooms expand into one. If your event is held in warmer weather, our terrace is another possible location. Near the golf course grounds, the terrace lets you bask in the picturesque atmosphere while you hold your event or seminar.

All types of events can be held at Seasons at the Tradition. As far as banquet halls in CT are concerned, ours accommodates all events with space and food. Some of the more common events for which we cater include corporate events, motivational seminars, graduation parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, and bridal showers. Recent renovations have added more features for weddings, but all types of events benefit from our facilities and restaurant.

Contact us about providing food for your event. From corporate to wedding banquets in CT, we do everything. Browse through the several menus on our site to find what meets your needs. Are you starting the event off with breakfast? Providing lunch? Read through the options we have for buffets, plate meals, cocktail parties, and hors d’oeuvres. If you have any specific requests in regards to a dish, our chefs will work with you to meet your needs.

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