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Connecticut Christening

Follow a morning baptism or christening ceremony with a party at Seasons at the Tradition. Perfect for events in the afternoon, our facility is an ideal gathering place at any time of the year. Schedule a christening party outdoors in spring, or in fall, use our banquet facilities and have a view of the outdoors. The Tradition Golf Club surrounds our restaurant and changes with the seasons. Make it a beautiful backdrop to your christening party.

If you are in the planning stages for a christening party, you likely realize that the event is for friends and family and is typically held in the afternoon, right after the religious ceremony. Expect to have lunch and a toast. Our staff is ready to accommodate any event, and our restaurant has several menus. Browse through our options, including plated meals or buffets for lunch or brunch. If you have other ideas in mind, our staff will readily help you with planning the event.

Christening ceremonies are events for families and friends of all ages, and your space needs to meet all needs. Otherwise, younger children become bored or adults disinterested. A memorable and special party needs to follow the ceremony, and Seasons has everything you'll need for children and adults. Plan meals that are appropriate for children, and in warmer weather, let them run around outdoors. The adults, meanwhile, can enjoy a plated or buffet lunch out on our terrace. As you enjoy the food from our restaurant, you get to enjoy the view of The Tradition Golf Club.

Christening ceremonies are special events for everyone involved, and the party following should be just as enjoyable. When you hold a christening ceremony in Connecticut, have everyone go to Seasons at the Tradition afterwards. From food to the space to the view, we have everything for a fun and celebratory afternoon.

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