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Connecticut Bridal Showers

Are you planning a bridal shower for the bride-to-be? Choose Seasons at the Tradition to be the location of your event. As a banquet hall with features specific to weddings, Seasons offers everything a bridal shower needs: large halls for all of your guests, a gorgeous view, an outdoor terrace, and a restaurant that can prepare any meal for your event.

Open for morning, afternoon, and evening events, Seasons at the Tradition accommodates all types of occasions. No matter if you are planning a bridal shower in the afternoon on a weekend or in the evening during the week, you can create a memorable bridal shower with our space, view, and food.

Seasons at the Tradition has two halls, North and South Rooms, which can accommodate your bridal shower guests. If you are expecting many guests for the bridal shower, consider combining these two rooms.

Surprise the bride-to-be by choosing a beautiful location for her shower. Not only does Seasons at the Tradition have spacious halls, but we also offer a great view of The Tradition Golf Club. From the greenery of spring and summer to the changing leaves of autumn to picturesque snowfalls in winter, the scenery provided by The Tradition Golf Club is the perfect backdrop for your bridal shower.

If you are deciding on a location in Connecticut for your bridal shower, think about all Seasons at the Tradition has to offer. In addition to our halls and gorgeous grounds, our restaurant can prepare any menu. Although bridal showers are traditionally held between lunch and dinner, our staff can put together any menu that suits your event. Browse through the menus from our restaurant, including plated and buffet meals, hors d'oeuvres, and bar packages. Or, create your own. Our staff is ready to accommodate any needs or requests for your event.

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