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Connecticut Baby Showers

Baby showers come in all sizes. If you are expecting many guests or are holding a come-'n'-go shower, think about holding the party away from home. Inviting friends and family of the mother-to-be is standard etiquette for a shower, but what if she has a large family and many friends? Don't cram everyone into your home; instead, schedule your baby shower at Seasons at the Tradition.

With banquet halls, food for all tastes and occasions, and a great view, Seasons at the Tradition has many features to make a Connecticut baby shower memorable. Our North and South Rooms, banquet halls for all occasions, are large enough to accommodate your guests; if you expect a very large crowd, consider using both rooms together.

Giving the mother-to-be gifts for her child is the purpose of a baby shower, but the party is still for all guests. Beyond planning the games and d├ęcor, think about the food being served. The restaurant at Seasons at the Tradition prepares all types of meals, and to see what we can do, browse through our menus. Choose from plated dinners, buffet meals, and hors d'oeuvres. Planning a specific menu? Our staff is ready to meet your needs and will work with you to plan out all dishes.

Consider how you're using our facility for baby showers. Traditionally, all friends and family show up at a specific time with gifts and are served food. In the present, however, come-'n'-go baby showers are becoming popular. If you are unfamiliar with this term, a come-'n'-go baby shower gives guests more flexibility; they can come to a location at any time within a specific time range, give the mother-to-be a gift, and have a meal. In either case, plan your baby shower in Connecticut within a certain time frame at Seasons at the Tradition.

Make a memorable event for the mother-to-be by scheduling her shower at Seasons at the Tradition. A big step up from a small party at home, Seasons has the perfect space, food, and view for any event and will work with you in planning a baby shower.

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