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Banquet Style Takeout

Bring the flavors of Seasons at the Tradition to your next event. With our banquet-style takeout service, you can have any of the items on our banquet menu prepared by a specific date and time and ready to go. Just call in to place an order, and we’ll prepare the items according to your request.

All foods off our banquet menu can be ordered and made. While Seasons at the Tradition does not do catering, we offer a variety of food that can enhance any event. As a result, orders of banquet-style takeout can be of any size.

While our banquet-style takeout orders are party trays and platters, we take it up a notch at Seasons. We don’t just do your standard cheese and crackers or deli sandwiches. Instead, the quality that goes into our restaurant’s food can come to your event. Guests, as well, will be surprised by the selection of choices and the quality.

To plan your order, browse through our banquet menus to see all that Seasons can do. At your event, have a brunch, lunch, or dinner buffet with many items from our menus, plated meals, or cocktail party trays and hors d’oeuvres. Banquet-style food isn’t solely relegated to the banquet hall; by ordering Seasons’ banquet-style takeout, you can have a memorable meal in any location.


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